Perimeter Pest Control

If you are tired of ants in the kitchen, spiders on the walls, crickets in the basement, and fleas, ticks, mites, or other pests in the carpet, furniture, or on the dog... then you need perimeter pest control. Our services include the periodic treatment of foundation walls, planting beds, and surrounding turf to control insects from invading your home. "Home Invaders" are a relatively broad group of insects and pests which live outdoors but may invade your home during some point in their life cycle. Although most do not usually cause structural damage or pose a serious health threat to the public, they are considered nuisances and therefore, should be controlled.

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Initial Pest Control Treatment

We’ll start with an inspection of your property, recommend targeted and effective pest control services, and then treat areas that are harboring pests or places they are attracted to. We provide pest control treatments with federally-approved products that are safe to use in your home and around children and pets.

Maintenance Programs & Integrated Pest Management

After our initial lawn treatment, we can help control the long-term risk of pest and insect problems as well. Our technicians professionally evaluate your home and then create an integrated plan combining pest deterrence, physical barriers, suggestions on how to eliminate pests, as well as periodic application of control agents and annual inspections.