Lawn Care

Every lawn is different. That's why we provide comprehensive home lawn care services to those in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and the surrounding Fox Cities area to meet the seasonal needs of your yard and keep it looking its best throughout the year. You can sum up the goal of the PRO-X Systems lawn care services in a single sentence: "Produce beautiful lawns that homeowners can be proud of in an environmentally friendly manner."

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Our Services

Some of our lawn care services include:

  • Granular fertilization
  • Slit seeding
  • Weed control & management
  • Dandelion removal & prevention
  • Lawn aeration

Customized Lawn Care

Even lawns planted with the same type of grass vary widely depending on soil and shade conditions. It simply won't do to treat all lawns alike. We never do. PRO-X Systems custom-tailors its fertilization and insect control treatments to fit your lawn's precise needs. We are ready to adjust our lawn treatments on the spot during each visit to react to the situation as it exists, not as it may have been at the beginning of the season or when we did your original analysis. This means our home lawn treatments are always in tune with what's going on with your property. What we deliver is dynamic, customized lawn care, the kind of service homeowners need, but seldom get.